Earn Passive Income Through Our Realtor Partnership.

Reach out to us to explore a profitable Partnership together

By carefully curating a portfolio of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge’s most premier properties and cabins, we have built a very loyal following of repeat guests over the past 22 years, who know and trust the vacation experience we offer at Venture Resorts.

As a realtor, your priority is sales - our focus is hospitality and customer service.

We are looking to strategically partner with a shortlist of realtors to deliver the highest possible return on the homeowners’ investment.

A Partner You Can Trust.

Take advantage of our special $2,000 referral bonus!

We are now offering a $2,000 bonus to any realtor that brings us a new cabin!

Once the first check comes in as revenue from the rental – we’re sending you your check. That’s how serious we are with starting this partnership off on the right note.

Why Partner with Venture Resorts?

This model enables the consistent leads you want - with the proven revenue stream your clients want.

Enjoy leads for life: We will send leads from our guests on to you.

Our extensive resource library is the full portfolio to help you close more deals.

We are locally based to assist our realtor partners with anything they need.

Reach out to Mitch to learn more about partnering with Venture Resorts!

Leads for Life

We typically get at least five people a week contacting us looking to buy a property. Since we don’t have the in-house team to show prospective clients around a lot of cabins, we always send them to a short-list of realtors we work with.

Now we are looking to expand on that pool of realtors who can in turn forward their clients on to us. This partnership is a well-curated, mutually beneficial model where you get a consistent and steady stream of referrals – and we get to help your clients maximize their rental income.

When We Say We Are Local — We Mean It!

Unlike other rental managers in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, our extensive team of 130+ local team-members allows us an unrivaled ability to provide expert, specialized care for our clients. Our dedicated Owner Relations department is available to assist our realtor partners and our owners with anything they need, 24/7.

Realtor Library and Rental Projections

Our data-driven resource library is a high-powered portfolio providing you everything to help with your sales strategy. This extensive toolkit is packed with projected rental revenue forecasts, side-by-side property comparison projections, and information on our Rental Program to educate your clients on how much rental income they can make.

Referring a homeowner to Venture Resorts is a reliable two-way relationship.

**This is intended as a marketing device and is not a solicitation of properties already under contract.

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